Sarah Meizlik, LCSW

23 Waverly Place

Monsey, New York  10952





BS – Empire State College

MSW – Fordham University

DBT Intensive Training – Behavioral Tech



       I am a licensed social worker and psychotherapist working with adolescent and adult populations.  I specialize in the treatment of clients who have been impacted by trauma and abuse.  My focus is to help clients understand, on an emotional and intellectual level, how their behaviors and life circumstances are affected by their thoughts and emotions.  The genesis of my work is to help clients tune into their thoughts.  By working on consciously changing thought patterns, clients learn to modulate their emotions and behaviors.  The result of therapy is to achieve more constructive behaviors and a more positive life.


       I have devoted much of my professional career to creating and conducting training workshops for parents and educators.  In my parenting groups, my focus is on empowering parents, even in the most difficult and challenging circumstances.  In my teacher training workshops, I help educators understand how students’ emotional states influence their performance and classroom behaviors.  The trainings encourage educators to interface with students’ homes to help students achieve success.  I also serve as a consultant to school principals and I collaborate with them to develop and implement mentoring programs.


       My private practice has been immeasurably enriched by my intensive DBT training.  DBT’s focus on mindfulness resonates with my therapeutic approach, and I am constantly working on my own mindfulness awareness.  Additionally, I use the concepts of acceptance and change to guide my therapeutic approach.  I offer individual DBT therapy as well as group and/or individual skills training.